Behind The Chair Conspiracy, Standing Room Only

Behind The Chair Conspiracy, Standing Room Only

By Evan Ballew

When Gallospole first began, Marc A. Gallo created an outlet for limitless artistic exploration, pushing the envelope on how music, animation, and a pinch of dark comedy can all be intertwined to create something rich with depth and meaning. Published by Mind The Gap we are given Gallospole, and from Gallospole we are presented with; “TARAC WIPPP.”

Launching July 15th, TARAC WIPPP, an acronym for The American Right for Adequate Chair Width in Public & Private Places, is a fictitious lobbying organization that advocates for adequate chair width in both public and private places. Through a series of short videos, Gallospole will unravel the conspiracies surrounding chairs, taunting a culture rabidly consumed by alternative facts. Truth and fiction are blended together into an ambiguous stew of mystery and deception. A cast of characters is sprinkled into the universe to create a living world full of dark, zany, and offbeat narratives.

TARAC WIPPP has been an ongoing project for Gallospole, with production lasting several years. The song itself dates back to Gallo’s first band, BAG, and has lain dormant for years. As a result of the recent political climate, the song has found a new purpose, evolving from simple to intricate, developing its own identity.

Gallospole has created a multi-faceted performance piece, utilizing the Internet as his canvas. The multimedia project has a unique aesthetic, combining vaudevillian humor with an eerily relevant commentary on today’s society. Viewers will be amused to unearth the truth behind inadequate chair width and its relevant conspiracies, and naturally feed on the absurdist political allegory told by Gallospole.